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by Adam Berry


Soul Rise is collection of poems that have evolved from a poem called Share. These have become expressions of the soul born to touch the soul of each reader. After each expression there is a Soul Reflections page, designed so that readers can write down their own reflections with how the words may have touched, moved, or affected them in some way.  The poems invite you into a deeper understanding of self and of others, designed so you can share the expressions at your favourite spiritual gatherings, communities or with friends and family. 



Adam Berry

Raised in the North West of England, Adam is passionate about life and promotes living the life we are meant to live. The Soul purpose of who we are. He is a truth seeker for the light of self and for others, with over 20 years of studying Spiritual studies and practices for the deeper understanding and meaning of life, here, now and the life beyond. Through his experiences in a not so easy life, and overcoming addictions maintaining a sober life for over 17 years. He shares his work with you, in a down to earth way. Being an undiagnosed dyslexic until leaving school was difficult and resulted in exam failings and low self confidence academically. He overcame his shyness working in the construction industry for his day job, and also learning and trained to be a speaker, demonstrator and teacher in Spiritual studies. When he picks up the pen with inspiration and freedom he enters a world of creativity and the results are in his work.

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